Sunday, May 23, 2010

this is for you, kelsey

alright so it's officially been forever since i've posted something and so i apologize, mainly to kelsey because i think she's the only person who hasn't given up on the idea of me actually consistently writing in a blog yet. so here's to you.

anyways, obviously a lot has been going on so i'll try and break things down in sections.

Section 1: La Piojera.

La piojera (roughly translating to 'lice hole) is a pretty (in)famous bar in santiago known for its terremotos, which is a drink consisting of cheap wine, pisco, some sort of liqueur, and pineapple sherbet. i could be completely wrong on the ingredients because it mostly tastes gross, but the perfect amount of gross where you kind of just keep wanting to drink more. like the drink equivalent of funyuns. but anyways, terremotos are ridiculously strong so you always have a pretty good time. the place is not the safest (daph stolen bag, me missing phone) or the cleanest but it's something that everyone visiting santiago should experience. our house has enjoyed going quite a few times. these pics kind of sum it up.

the drinks themselves

saluuuud! the suecia family.

and the interesting people you meet.

Section 2: Field Trips

The past month also marked the last two field trips for our program group. in april we visited Pomaire, a small village outside of santiago that is known for it's clay artesania. this was a cool field trip as we got to eat a lot (2 full meals. for one meal, an empanada the size of your head was simply the appetizer. oh boyyy), got to try out the spinny clay thing (clay throw? i dunno but i was predictably awful at this), and we even made our own clay piggy banks. it's crazy how hard these people work for such little profit. while shopping around town, i bought a hand painted clay vase for 200 pesos. or 40 cents. whaaaaat. crazy cheap. our other field trip was just last weekend to vina concha y toro which was really nice, although i think i preferred our undurraga tour (the guide was just way cooler). but we did get to try a couple really good wines and then afterwards had a gigantic feast of empanaditas, pan, steak, papas provencales (like scalloped potatoes), and dessert. for dessert i got the lucuma cake which is amazing. lucuma is one of my favorite things i've tried here. it's a fruit, but you don't eat it in fruit form. generally they make a paste type thing out of it and put it in desserts, especially ice cream, and it tastes SO good. it's almost like cookie dough mixed with dulce de leche. from a fruit. so it's healthy, right?

Section 3: Class

Ha. not. but i am going to start teaching english to high school kids with the ingles abre puertas program and i'm pretty excited about that. i'm glad i'll be able to volunteer in some way, since building houses isn't exactly in my skill set. me + hammer + walls = certain doom. i'm also not sure how i feel about building the mediaguas, something a lot of chileans seem to have mixed feelings about as well.

ahhh well that's it for now. the french open started today and i'm SOOO excited. i honestly think it's rafa's year again, and after watching him win 3 back to back masters 1000 shields on clay, i'm feeling pretty confident. there have also been some really interesting supreme court decisions coming in the past week and i'm really excited to see how the confirmation process goes for kagan. alright, nerd OUT.

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